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Innobator Competition 2022

Unbound Innovative Business Ideas

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An initiative of the College of Business Administration in collaboration with Innovation Box to enable students to apply a design thinking approach in identifying opportunities for business ideas.

It’s a program for students having interesting business ideas which are waiting to take off. Our programs are custom-fitted to each phase of the innovative journey, offering the help important to transform thoughts into the real digital world, and making a strong base on which economical businesses and flourishing professions can be constructed.



Digital Transformation can be challenging, hence, the purpose of this initiative is to enable and train students to transform their business ideas into digital and comprehend and think digital business.



Business students are confined or limited to the traditional business learnings and practices and are not well aware of the digital business that’s impacting the world on a larger scale in recent times.



Hold a digital business marathon among students and teach different digital strategies that will help them transform their business ideas by leveraging digital technologies.



To transform students’ ideas into innovative new ventures that solve real world problems and have the potential to have a positive impact on societies.


Evaluation Criteria

The following assessment criteria will be used to determine the winners.


Critical problem Identification (15 points)


Creative solution including Prototype (25 points)


Business Model (25 points)


Conclusion and Impact on Society (20 points)


Feasibility and market driven (10 points)


Presentation Skills (5 points)


Idea Submission

Deadline: April 11th,2022

Students (in a team of 2-7) will submit their idea proposals

Screen of projects

From: 12th to 18th of April 2022

1 week has been allocated for the screening of projects: From the 12th to the 18th of April 2022

Event & Announcement of winners

21st of April 2022

Selected 4 to 5 teams will be asked to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges
A panel of judges will select top three teams

Prize: 30,000 AED
1st Position: 15,000 AED
2nd Position: 10,000 AED
3rd Position: 5,000 AED

Submission guidelines

Each team will submit 8-10 PowerPoint slides covering all items of the grade rubrics.

Terms & Conditions

  • The Innobator Competition is open to all UOS students.
  • Students should participate in teams (2-7 students in each team).
  • Student is not allowed to participate in more than one project.
  • Award Tracks : Sustainable innovations and general innovation tracks.
  • The ideas to be original and not imitative. It should not be under consideration with any other competition.



Our participation in Innobator competition was the golden step towards where we are today as a team. The competition gave us the support and guidance to make our idea into reality, which is the hardest stage at any innovational goal. The positive compliments we heard from judges and advisors motivated us to become stronger and believe in ourselves and that our idea is a future-change maker. At first, our idea was just a course project, but now it’s one of the unique solutions that will be presented at the Swedish pavilion , expo 2020.

First Winning Team – Innobator Competition 2021

Sound of Electricity, Hessa Almehrzi, Youmna Mohammad, Fatima Alghfeli, Noor Issa

Our experience in the Innobator competition was great, the competition allowed us to extend our understanding about the design thinking process and to connect with a supervisor who is experienced in the state of art of the project idea. The information, comments and critiques provided by the supervisor enhanced our idea further. We did an extensive search to gather information related to the competitors, prices and marketing when we created our business plan, which is a primary reason behind any idea to be successful. It was an honor for us to participate and to be successful in the Innobator competition

Third Winning Team – Innobator Competition 2021

Frequent Sanitizer Drone, Hareth Hossoon, Islam Fares Allulu, Sultan Aldhafeeri

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