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By spoofing the IP address, it provides anonymity and helps to hide your location. The program is a VPN service. With its help, you can connect to virtual private network servers located in various countries. To utilize the app, you need to create an account by inputting your email address, a custom username and password. It is worth noting that these credentials can be used to get access to a variety of other products developed by Proton AG like the cloud storage , calendar and email service.

Moreover, the utility supports the automatic search for a node that provides the best connection parameters. The application also allows you to block a network connection in the event of a disconnection with the VPN server. We will need the connection logs to see what is failing on your system and fix it. I am planning to install ProtonVPN on my virtual machine and need advice if it will work without compromising any security. I am using a Mac Book Pro with Any guidance will be appreciated.

Installed version 1. Primarily using AU servers. Very fast.. Cheers Bill. Hello Bill. We are truly happy to hear that you are satisfied with our software and we hope to keep it that way! Verify that you have sufficient privileges to install system services.

This was on an upgrade from 1. I am the system Admin and user account has admin privileges. Do you have a ProtonVPN uninstaller utility like most major companies have a la ESET when faced with things being impossible to install for unknown reasons?

Hello Michael. TAP installation issues are related to your machine not managing it somewhere or if its corrupted at some point. Please contact our customer support team and we will do our best to investigate and find where the issue might be. Whenever I try to install it on my Windows 10 machine, it asks me to download another encrypted file that need to be decrypted with GPG. Is this normal? We do not request you to download anything that is encrypted and then decrypt to install it.

All of our applications are stored under our website, so please make sure you are entering the correct website and downloading the official application. ProtonVPN offers Killswitch and all of the features that other subscription type customers get for all of the customers.

Hello Marc. Please contact our customer support team and we will do our best to help you out! Pls help or advise. Thank you. Our application support windows 7 and above.

I am using BitDefender I primarily use FireFox v. Best Regards, DCW. We built our application on these protocols , since they are currently the most secure ones out there. ProtonVPN will be installed on to your system with a tunneling adapter, to route all of your device traffic trough the VPN. Verify that you have sufficient privilages to start system services?

What do I do? Hello Ivan, please make sure that you have all of the latest windows updates installed, additional ones too, excluding language packs. Hello Doarez, Have you tried uninstalling it from control panel uninstall programs? What exactly fails? Please contact our support with more detailed information. That means there is something worng with your current operating system , or its configured or missing some of the required components, that TAP driver requires for the installation.

Please contact our customer support team to help you out with this issue. It will connect but almost immediately it says in red connection broken you are not secure. Oh and I used the native client app. Hello Erica. Could you please contact our support team regarding your issue? We are certain that we can help you out. Hi, i have tried free proton VPN but everytime when I connect, I recive info that peer-to-peer is not supported, so, I am not able to access to any website.

Why, what does it mean? Millions of journalists, activists, and citizens worldwide rely on Proton VPN to stay safe. Our VPN app for Windows:. Can use alternative routing to unblock our servers when they are censored. Proton VPN is a community driven service with a mission to create a more free and open internet. Download our Windows VPN app to join our community.

ProtonVPN Wanted to thank you for the outstanding service your company offers – I have used vpn service over the years, and seen many. The speed and reliability of your client software surprised me, instantly – it’s World Class, and better. And you can bundle it with ProtonMail to make your email private instead of having google or yahoo, etc from scraping your inbox and selling your data.

Split tunneling to give you control over what goes through your VPN tunnel. You can use Proton VPN to stream your favorite shows, share files over BitTorrent, access censored content and protect your privacy. Proton VPN is a community-supported VPN service and our mission is to create an internet where privacy is the default.

Sign up for a Proton VPN account, download our Windows app, and double click the downloaded file to start installation. A wizard will guide you through the rest of the process.

If you sign in to the app and click Quick Connect , Proton VPN will automatically connect you to the fastest server depending on your location. It’s that easy. You can also manually connect to a server in a particular country or a specialized server for example, a Tor-enabled server. I tried copping the host name for the US-CH server and got a non-resolvable host name error.

Hello Jeff, may I ask, are you using the hostname as per this example? If I use non-secure core server names it works. Hello Justin, maybe you incorrectly entered the hostname of the server.

Please contact our customer support team for detailed investigation of your issue. Please can someone help? Could you please contact our customer support team here with all of the possible information like windows version, what server was tested, your location and ISP? I have the very same problem! I tried to connect using the free server us-free Hello, are you sure you are using the correct log in information openvpn logins from your user account dashboard?

What else can i do apart from using third party apps? If yes, please contact our support and we will do our best on solving this out. I tried then ping us-free Hello Kostas. Could you please contact our support team and provide some screenshots or information on how you have configured the connection? Hello Alexandru, We are currently investigating this issue as we seems to be able to reproduce it.

Will do our best to fix it ASAP.



Protonvpn for windows 10.Free VPN Download

1. Download Proton VPN by going to our Proton VPN for Windows page and clicking the Download Proton VPN button. · 2. In the pop-up window that appears, click. Proton VPN is the only trustworthy unlimited VPN that you can get for free on Windows. Available for Windows 7, 8, and · No speed restrictions · Bypass. The Proton VPN app for Windows is the best way to stay secure and private when surfing the internet. It is open source, easy to use, and packed with useful.


Protonvpn for windows 10. Download ProtonVPN for Windows 10 (64/32 bit). PC/laptop

The Proton VPN app for Windows is the best way to stay secure and private when surfing the internet. It is open source, easy to use, and packed with useful. ProtonVPN is an application for Windows that allows you to protect personal data from interception while browsing Internet sites. Download and install the Android app from the Play Store, then log in with your All apps are open source and audited; High-speed servers (up to 10 Gbps).